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Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the far north-west of Peninsular Malaysia. Located in the northern state of Kedah, it is unique in that it was formed on 99 islands that together make up the legendary Langkawi Archipelago. The natural landscape of Langkawi is a combination of highly vegetated tropical forest hills and rocks.

The Geopark presents the best-exposed and most complete Paleozoic sedimentary sequence from Malaysia, from the Cambrian to the Permian period. The UNESCO World Geopark Langkawi is part of the Sibumasu Block.

Geodiversity and biodiversity are preserved in Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park and Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. These geo-forest parks also protect biodiversity in a variety of habitats, including mangroves, tidal flats, beaches, estuaries, coral reefs, caves, limestone and many other harbors for various life forms.

A true paradise on earth, with its sumptuous beaches, high quality infrastructure, mangroves rich in flora and fauna, very cheap duty-free shops and fascinating legends.

A legend in particular, closely related to the history of Langkawi, has passed through the ages. All you need to do is ask any resident of this region about the tragic story of a young woman named Mahsuri to tell you a story of love, jealousy and a curse that would have fallen on the island. by his fault for seven generations.

It has been a long time since the seven generations succeeded each other on Langkawi Island. Nevertheless, the inhabitants are still convinced that the prosperity and happiness that today has replaced the curse can not be the result of chance. The mysticism that surrounds this legend is felt in many parts of the island, especially in Makam Mahsuri (mausoleum of Mahsuri), where Mahsuri would be buried.

Although the island now focuses on tourism, many of its inhabitants are farmers, fishermen and entrepreneurs. Take a tour of the island to discover its majestic countryside and its soothing landscapes that form its rice fields. The coastal road will offer you the most beautiful and authentic views of Langkawi.

At the bends of small villages, you will see wooden houses flanked by palm trees and children pedaling on their old bicycles. While immersing yourself in the lifestyle of locals, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities organized in Langkawi. A cable car allows you to reach the summit of Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi's second highest mountain, and enjoy breathtaking views of the entire island and the skyline at the end of a thrilling climb.

Other sites like Field of Burnt Rice, Hot Springs, Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells Waterfall) and Beach of Black Sand are also popular. Boat trips are organized to Tasik Dayang Bunting, Gua Cerita and Gua Langsir.

For a true communion with nature, go for a trek in the tropical rainforest that covers the majority of the territory of Langkawi or browse the mangroves by boat. You can also take a dip or play a round of golf at one of the 5-star resorts.


After exploring the emerging world of Langkawi, discover its underwater world just as rich, thanks to the scuba diving activities offered by the island.