voyage halal

Adya Hotel Langkawi has met the expectations of Muslim travelers,
it thus fulfills the charter "halal trip".

The establishment responds to Muslim ethics.

Muslim facilities

The concept of Islamic hotel at Adya Hotel starts with the architecture of the building itself. Offering friendly facilities for all our beloved guests, all these facilities never discriminate our guests from another belief, but it ensures an environment of comfort and pleasure to all those staying in our hotel.

Separate pool
We offer two types of pools. one for family activities to enjoy with their beloved spouses and children, another pool is created specifically for women.

Prayer room
Despite our generous room construction that gives space for our Muslim guests to pray, we also have a special prayer room to use for Jama'ah prayer (group prayer) by our guests and our team. Not to mention, the call to prayer through the speakers of the hotel every hour of prayer.
All our guests are cordially invited.

Muslim friendly rooms
In each of our rooms, we strive to provide better facilities for all our Muslim guests. In addition to providing a sacred al-Quran and Yaasin book, our bathrooms are designed for ablutions. We provide a prayer rug and the Qiblah and the monthly prayer schedule.

Everything is provided solely for the convenience of our Muslim guests.

Muslim Services

Without disregarding the basic services of the hotelier of heart to all our guests, exceptional services are also provided to our guests of Islamic belief.

1) Free shuttle to the mosque for Juma'ah (Friday) Prayer
Every Friday, all Muslim men must go to the mosque for Juma'ah prayer. Therefore, as an Islamic hotel, a free shuttle van will be provided to all our guests and Muslim members who want to go to the mosque for Juma'ah prayer.

2) Greetings
Despite normal greetings, Adya Hotel focuses on all of its teams to give the best welcome to the heart. Start with "Assalamualaikum", which means "peace be upon you", we strive constantly to ensure that this kind of greetings is always at the tip of our staff's mouth, creating a pleasant atmosphere all over the world. 'hotel.

3) Corporate Social Responsibility
As an Islamic hotel, we believe that commercial profit is not our only goal in running a business. In addition to struggling to reach the targeted revenues, our management is committed to contributing and sharing some of our profits for the needy community surrounding our hotel.

"As we think, the more we give, the more we get, these fundamental principles have made us more responsible and contribute to everything we have in our heart."

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perdana suite 123156
executive room 781245
perdana suite 78965412
perdana suite 78545
superior room 324598
superior room 787485
superior room 78974185
premier suite 789542
premier suite 852452
premier suite 78652
premier suite 1552
junior suite 78124
junior suite 89542
junior suite 784123
executive room 7874123
executive room 1232574
executive room 3685274
delux room 78748574
delux room 787412

Muslim friendly activities

Our staff strives to provide the best service so that the operation of the hotel is always compliant with the Shariah.

1) Group prayer
Our leadership is committed to instilling the Jamaa prayer environment with all our staff at each hour of prayer, especially during working hours (Dhohor and Asar prayer). All our guests are cordially invited to join us whenever possible.

2) Contribution to Asnaf funds (people in need)
As contributing to society is one of our main efforts, we would like to share this Jariyah continues with the staff and our guests too. Some boxes of funds are provided at the reception counter and at the restaurant counter so that everyone can join our efforts to help those in need.

3) Weekly Al-Quran (Surah Yaasin) Recitation
Since its opening, our management has decided to have leisure time with all our employees to recite al-Quran together despite our busy work schedule. Sourat Yassine was chosen to be recited because it is more practical for everyone and this program will normally run every Thursday after having organized the Dhohor prayer. All our guests are cordially invited.

4) Religious conversation / Reading / Sharing
The Adya Hotel from time to time will hold a religious conference so that it benefits all our employees in terms of soul improvement, strengthening of the faith.

This conference will be organized by the Directorate once a month and will generally be open to all communities in Langkawi. Our guests are specially invited.

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